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Bhavna Super Speciality Eye Hospital

Each Utility & Amenity as well as Consulting Cabin Location decided as per Ultimate Role of Present as well as Future Need.

Endeavours for perfect architecture & similar Design Philosophies that encourage the finding new things. To augment focus required for each individual component we follow holistic Planning & learn the process of going from “Whole to Part” is our priority.

Hospital services increasingly gaining importance in urban areas across the world, simultaneously hospital architecture & interior has been undergoing considerable change in recent years. Hospitals are today not just the place you go when you are sick but actually, hospitals are wellness destination, looking to provide the patients with a sense of calm & serenity.


Dr Kaivan K. Shah (Glaucoma Consultant & Surgeon)

Dr Ira K. Shah (Vitreoretina & ROP Consultant)

Team: Manoj L. Patel, Rohan D. Mehta

Theme: Contemporary Concentric Futuristic vibrant Flair

First meeting with a client is quite good & they go with our design flow. They also make the tentative plan with measurement to cope with us & tried enough to implement best by providing basic requirement layout as a doctor point of view.

The main material used here are Wood, PVC sheets, ICE PU on MDF Sheet, Glass, Vinyl sheet for operation theatre, Grey Colour Full Body 32’’x32’’ vitrified tiles flooring. To make sure that the design is executed as visualised we distinctly follow Discipline of the material throughout Hospital.

We have total 2200 Sq.ft. Carpet Area which allowed treating design as a particular atmosphere rather than establishing a certain type of rigid image. Space covers the whole floor including two portions with a centrally located corridor.
There are total 17 major agencies worked in this project to make it giant.
Turquoise is selected as Prime colour on the basis of healthcare and game changer behaviour.
Struggle Start from Flooring from the First day of implementation. The flooring given by the builder is ivory shade but we want our theme which demanded grey shade. After completing an order of new flooring, a message comes from the dealer that flooring you selected are not available in market & new stock take minimum 1 months to deliver as it comes from countries as it has export materials. So, we started once again new selection & luckily we got an excited shade which matches with requirements. Flooring is done with 4 mm Dark Grey epoxy Groove & 3 inch skirting throughout Walls & Partitions.
Lighting used is a combination of Low watt & high watt to reduce Electricity bills throughout the year.
This is First Eye Hospital. That might be Possible to open the second branch in Future Time in the same city or another city with respect to that planning done accordingly.
There are two equal portions available for Planning. Total Space divided with equal weightage as per utility & Necessity. One portion specified as consulting area & other portion is treatment & Operation.
There is two consulting room for doctors with attached washroom. One common door also provided for internal movement. Reception table location set just in front of a corridor for easy identification.
Patient enjoys the roadside view as Instrument room, Optometry room provided on the outskirt.
V.I.P. Lounge area space allotted to take care of the special guest.
The waiting area designed in a spacious as good ambience as patient spend maximum time on that place despite treatment. To eliminate the low ht. aspect we choose to use very low sill which will simultaneously increase glass view. Simple flat Gypsum Ceiling used with the same purpose & Wooden Strip Ceiling used to highlight the circulation Space.

Reception table made with the tapered surfaces concept. Minimum size top provided to mitigate the congestion at the location of reception where three doors merge. Unequal size tapered surface give us chance to use dead space behind. The screen of computer easily set in that space and working space increase as the screen itself set in deep.
This site location situated in the heart of the city as the Ring Road just passing in front of the site. To use that point in designing we choose to highlight corridor and make it large which will look from the road & get pedestrian views.
We select the 3d eye which will create using the square wooden emboss shape. 1’’, 2’’, 4’’ theorem used to get a symmetrical look.
For the safety point of view sliding & folding door provided both sides. Server door made using louvres to relief hot air.
There are additional two toilets created for the Public purpose. Pharmacy provides in front of reception for easy identification.
There is two operation theatre provide with concern facility. Vinyl Coating used to cover O.T. and Full ACP Sheet Ceiling installed. Total Air Block situation created with insulation of exterior Windows make it fixed from operable.
The Great care would be given on AC units drain as total 13 Units comes in Hospital apart from that some are for future provisions.
On the Creative side wood handles used are designed in eye shape, wall stickers selected also comes from the deep thinking & searching.

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